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Nowadays, Time is different. It is speeding up. And we need Rapid & Effective methods to dive deep, change and evolve. I can help you with that.

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One-on-one Sessions

I do online private yoga & transformational coaching sessions. In coaching, I combine unique techniques – Rapid Personal Transformation (RPT) and Metaphoric Cards.


“I help people to deal with their Emotions. Rapid. Effective.”

I know, how it feels!

When you know “Everything” and have read all psychology books… maybe were in therapy, but still, underneath – there is no answer to how to deal with Emotions & Situations in daily life. And be happy, simply happy. What is the Method that Really helps? Finally, effective Method.

I had different situations in life – from long-term relations’ separations (yes, in plural :), moving to another country, changing my career, being in fear & anger, losing people… and simply being on crazy roads daily.

I Understand. And I believe I Found the Method.

One-on-one Coaching

Emotional overload? Nothing is helping? Experience the power of RPT coaching – Resource sessions when you are uplifted right after. We work with your True instincts, and that’s why it is effective.

Change how you Think – Feel -Act


What My Client’s Say

Hear from real people – real stories of inspiring transformations

Livia H. / engineer

“I have never experienced such an approach. I could go into my deepest emotions and release long-held patterns. I feel lighter and more confident. I feel deeply myself. Thank you so much!

Besides, I just love her voice! If you have ever tried guided meditations, you will understand )) how crucial it is – the Voice!”

Boris Y. / entrepreneur

“I can’t express enough gratitude for Xenia’s RPT coaching. In just a few sessions, they helped to relieve my strong emotional situations. It was such a safe space for me to explore myself. Now, I feel inner peace and… clarity. I changed, finally changed something within me.”

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